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Tentative schedule

You can apply for visitor passes for individual events on their pages.

Date Event
March 25-31 Opening & Build Week
April 1-2 Synthetic biology weekend
April 12-15 Public goods and governance workshops
April 16-23 ZK workshops
April 29 - May 1 New cities and network states
May 4-6 AI x Crypto convergence and X-Risks
May 6-14 Longevity events
May 8-18 Coordi-Nations: commons-based alternatives to Network States
May 19-23 Open weekend because of EDCON in Podgorica
May 21-23 Sunrise Community Celebration: Integration of learnings, projects and activation for the future
May 25 Closing
Ongoing Hackathon: build tools with Ethereum, ZK and new social/governance tech to run Zuzalu itself

Note: precise event dates are tentative and details are still being finalized.